In early 2017, we wanted to modernize our brand at iLearn and better describe how we fit into the K12, college, and home markets.

As I was working on rolling out support for introducing iLearn to the home school market, I took on the task of mocking up some designs for our marketing pages. Below are those mockups.

(I've unfortunately lost several but here are the ones I still have.)

This first one is my personal favorite. It was the last iteration I created, and I felt I finally reached a good balance for all three markets with a playful unique look. This mock was for the main home page.

Another iteration for the main home page of iLearn. Similar to my favorite above, it has different header and footer treatment.

This is an iteration on just the K12 path. Many of the elements are the same from the home page.

You know those annoying full page overlays that popup as you move your cursor to the navigation bar? Yeah, we toyed around with that idea as well.

Unfortunately, I left iLearn before any of these mocks could become reality, and none of these styles were implemented. I'm also disappointed that several iterations and sketches I did I've since lost.